Sanaz Manouchehrian

Sanaz Manouchehrian

“Wandering Wind”

Sanaz Manouchehrian is a 53-year-old Iranian who lives with her partner in Malta and Germany. She immigrated to Nederland in 1996, then moved to Belgium and then the UK. She is the mother of two and works as a life coach and systemic constellation practitioner with a
background in Molecular biology and Biotechnology from VUB University in Brussels. She has got her second degree in Medical and pharmaceutical research. Meanwhile, she was working with refugees in terms of interpretation and integration.

After moving to Malta in 2010, she joined a pharmaceutical company, worked in an R&D position and sales management, and became interested in communication and neuroscience.

After experiencing a massive change in her personal life and burnout, she focused on searching for meaning and self-development. Spending a couple of years learning different principals and therapy methods, taking part in many workshops and training but among all, she found systemic constellation as the most fascinating and useful method to deal with transgenerational trauma and self-discovery.

She finished her training at an advanced level for family constellation and system intelligence.
Sanaz is working as a coach for an educational charity organization helping children and teenagers in Iran and working with the mothers to handle the situation with their children to build a healthy relationship with them. She recently started to involve with an international project at CI Academy for Constellation.

Excerpt for Sanaz Manouchehrian’s The Powerful She Chapter – “Wandering Wind”

Once upon a time, in the vastness of the universe, a spark of existence ignited, giving birth to the story of life. With the formation of planets, including our own, an incredible journey was set in motion.

But our story is far from complete. Today, as we stand at the precipice of possibility, our actions and choices shape the narrative that future generations will inherit. It is up to us to determine the path that the story of life will take.

So let us begin this chapter with reverence and a deep understanding of the interdependence of all living things. With empathy, knowledge, and a sense of shared responsibility, we can weave a tale filled with compassion, equality, and sustainability. The story of life is ours to tell, and the pen is in our hands.

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