The PowerfulShe

Stories of Armenian Women


  • Become a Bestselling Published Author and impact the lives of COUNTLESS women!
  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • Bring growth and prosperity

Liza Boubari presents The Powerful SHE
The first book is stories of Armenian women who each will share their stories of Faith/Courage, Love/Empowerment, and Tradition/Transformation.
An Armenian woman represents all that was lost and all that is needed to rise and thrive from traditional dependency to leadership and modern self-sufficiency – with grace.

The Powerful SHE

Do you have a personal story of bravery, courage, and empowerment?

Do you inspire and motivate others on their life journey?

Do you have a cause that can impact the lives of many?

If you said YES to any of the above … then read on!

Our intention is to uplift, empower, and transform the lives of women globally – making a positive impact in the lives of over 1 Million Women and Girls to STOP Shrinking for others and Stand Up for Who They Are!

Your story may be just the message that touches the heart and soul of that one person who needs to read and/or hear it the most. Each of us is a success individually, but together, we are better!

“What you think – you create; What you feel – you attract; What you imagine – you become. You Matter” ~Liza

Are you ready to become a Bestselling Published Author?

What is The Powerful She?

The co-author of this collection 33 Armenian women from all walks of life.

Everyone has a story – and so do you. In fact, most people have lived through incredible circumstances and have come out stronger and more resilient because of it.

The stories in this book are to be transformational tales of moving through fear, angst, pain, and sometimes unimaginable situations and challenges into the expanse of freedom, ease, success, and the wonder of life instilled by faith, inspired by love, and influenced by tradition.

Are you ready for immediate credibility?

What story will you share?

Your chapter can reflect your story and the journey of your empowerment, the releasing of fears and limiting beliefs, the discovery of inner strength, exceeding expectations to make a difference, and even choosing a path outside the box and growing into a more loving, powerful, and vibrant individual.

Do you realize how empowering your story can be for others to read?

Sharing your story can help one or many on their personal journey to empowerment. All stories will show the incredible resilience, courage, and strength that exist in each of us and You.

Are you ready to Blossom and Make an Impact?

Say YES to The Powerful SHE

Share your passion with the world! You are one of the individuals who are ready to Show Up, Step Up and Speak Up for a good reason.
You are living proof of those who have a dream.

Your story may be just the message that touches the heart and soul of that one person who needs it the most.

With your message, you share a message that will guide, assist, and motivate others to live a more fulfilling and conscious life.

A message from Liza

As an Armenian myself, I want to extend this invitation to potentially co-author with you. I believe that together we can make a bigger impact both locally and globally. Together, we aim to inspire and empower women and girls of their inherent value and bring awareness, education, expertise, and resources.  Raising Self-esteem to believe within.

What was once a dream, is now becoming a book – a trilogy!
The Powerful SHE is bringing women from all walks of life together to share their stories of courage and triumph and to educate, encourage and empower others.

Say “YES” and co-author with me.

Liza Boubari - The Powerful SHE

“Sometimes deciding who you are now is choosing to never be the same as you were.” ~Liza

Author Liza Boubari works with a leading US-based publishing company, Beyond Publishing Global, to construct a co-authored anthology book. 

The Powerful SHE supports women and girls to:

☑️ Show Up just as they are;
☑️ Stand Up for their beliefs and well-being first, and
☑️ Speak Up for themselves and who they are – because SHE Matters

Limited space – get your chapter in! Our first book is to have 33 Armenian Women as co-authors.
Imagine yourself as co-author in The Powerful She – Amazon’s Best Selling author and going on book signings!


Your Total Investment TODAY is $1,497

  • Custom Print Book Interior Format Design
  • Amazon’s “LOOK INSIDE” feature & Barnes and Noble’s “READ SAMPLE”
  • E-Book Conversion E-Pub3
  • PRINT File Submission – softcover, ebook, and hardcover “in the system” to hundreds of platforms and Amazon Bestseller
  • Your story – Prelaunch interview
  • Your story up to 2500 words (+ 1-page bio)
  • Amazon Campaign
  • Design, editing, and professional registration
  • Exposure includes your interview in a Summit or in person, a free e-book, and your intro on our website.
  • Promotional materials including, ads, press releases
  • Team of collaborative co-authors
  • Guidance and support through the entire publishing process


☑️ Live interview with Liza on Liza.TV or Launch with an interview at your gathering!
☑️ PhotoShoot
☑️ One Ticket to 2023 The 3E Event
☑️ 3 Print copies of the book

If you choose to be a co-author and not participate in the speaking tour nor The 3E Event, your Investment is: $999

Upon signed agreement:

  • The first draft of your chapter is due on 05/15/23
  • Editing to be done by: 06/30/23
  • Go to print August 2023

How exciting! You took the first step and said YES to being a co-author in ‘The Powerful She’ book.
Time is of the essence – Let’s get you on a call with Liza.

*Please take a moment and fill out this form. *Book a time for a brief call with Liza. *Share why & how your chapter would be a great addition and make an impact!


You are an individual who garners great respect for the work you do as an Armenian.

Are you also someone who has dreamt of making a difference and becoming an internationally best-selling author?

How often do you say: “what if”, “I should have”, or “could have.”  What if what you still dream of and want is an open book to be decided by you?   Maybe even become an author except you did not know how to get started?

As a staunch and tireless advocate and trailblazer, it would be an honor to have you as one of our co-authors. BE part of “The Powerful SHE”.  YOU and 32 other Armenian women globally, each sharing their story.  The book of Love, Faith, and Tradition.

You Can – Now is your chance!

About You and Your Story

Briefly share how your story could impact the lives of others, especially women and girls.
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