Meet the co-authors of The Powerful She

My vision for bringing this collaboration was to shed light on women who are successful, possess talent and abilities, and overcome challenges often obscured by self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and societal conditionings, just like you and I.

I have a profound sense of admiration for the powerful women who collaborated to create this inspiring anthology. The stories of love, grace, and courage ignited a fire within their hearts, encouraging them to face life’s challenges head-on with unwavering strength and compassion.

Liza Boubari
Liza Boubari – Creator, Editor, Lead Author

Every one of us has a story to share, and it’s not just the story that is so compelling, but it’s what each one has faced through insurmountable odds.

Here, women from all professions, all ages, and at all points in life from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences have come together to create The Powerful She book. Each sought to weave an anthology that celebrated the indomitable spirit of women through stories of love, grace, and courage.

Each of the authors of The Powerful She brought her unique perspective, talents, and voice, resulting in a tapestry of narratives that would inspire generations to come.

That you, just like us, have the innate ability to build connections, foster collaboration, prioritize collective well-being, allow love into your heart, and have the grace and courage to heal within, all of which are vital for a more compassionate and equitable being.

Through the written words of these extraordinary women, this book will stand as a testament to the timeless power of collaboration, where diverse voices are united to share stories that touched the very essence of the human experience. This will forever remain a cherished work that celebrates the resilience of each one’s spirit, reminding readers that love, grace, and courage can triumph over any obstacle in life’s journey.

Together, we embody The Powerful She