Liza’s Journey

Liza Boubari is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress and Anger Management Counselor, Domestic Abuse Consultant, Action Coach as well as a successful, multifaceted entrepreneur.

Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure and stress. Because she was not in tune with her body, she had not yet realized the impact it was having on her mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her body had created ovarian cysts which forced her to seek help, acknowledging the pain and discomfort she was feeling. She was scheduled to undergo a third surgery for the cysts when the HR director of the law firm she worked at referred her to an acupuncturist, who in turn, referred her to a hypnotherapist.

It was then, through hypnotherapy, that she discovered the tragic reality of why her body was creating the incessant ovarian cysts. Healing deep-rooted trauma that had manifested into physical pain. This connection with her body and understanding the core cause was the healing that made the third surgery no longer necessary.

This powerful experience with the science of hypnosis changed the course of her career and led her to discover her true purpose of helping others heal within. It is now over 20 years that Liza has been dedicated to working with people, especially women, who are ready to make changes in their lives.

“Your past can now be history – your future can now be your new story. You choose.”

Through empowerment and personal transformation, she safely guides you to go from PAIN to GAIN as you Evoke what was – lift and peel back emotional layers of cellular memories and trauma, Embrace what is – to accept and appreciate your true radiant self and Evolve to what will be – to live your desired outcome and happier life. because… You Matter

Transformation begins when you choose – Are You Ready?

As the founder of Women’s Annual 3E Event, Liza offers workshops, retreats, has a television show, and podcast, and is often a guest speaker on various stages, radio, and TV shows.

Liza was awarded the 2022 Citizen of the Year by the Glendale Realtor Association.

“This year’s truly inspirational Citizen of the Year is defined less by her life story and more by the lives she touches. After all, citizenry is about how we relate to the society around us. And this citizen has devoted the last 25 years to improving the lives of everyone around her, promoting healthier life patterns, encouraging drive and confidence, and emphasizing that each life isn’t just precious… it’s absolutely priceless. As an Iranian growing up in Glendale, she managed to keep her heritage close while reaching out to touch the lives of diverse people from equally diverse cultural backgrounds, recognizing the kernel of humanity that unites us all. She traversed an array of therapeutic mediums, from hypnotherapy to stress management consultation, with a singular focus on elevating those around her to their true potential.”
Rosa Peña
Citizen of the Year Award 2022 Liza Boubari
2022 Citizen of the Year Award
liza boubari
Liza Boubari Interviews at the 3E Event