Natalie Regg

Natalie Regg

“Love for the Outdoors”

Natalie Regg is the founder of Redpoint Accounting Solutions. She is a CPA, CISA is a practicing CPA providing tax, bookkeeping, and attestation services, among other things. Natalie has been a Volunteer Ski Patroller in Big Bear for the past 17 years, providing first aid and emergency rescue. She is also a member of a Winter Search and Rescue team.

Redpoint Accounting Solutions was formed with the realization that the cannabis industry had created a need for accountants who were knowledgeable in cannabis tax rules. They wanted to help you navigate 280E, establish GAAP financials, and keep month-end reports accurate and up to date. Their goal is to find the best ways to save their clients’ money.

Natalie’s firm’s bookkeeping and accounting services can help maximize deductions, spend less on taxes, and can offer support during audits.

Natalie Regg, CPA, CISA, is the Founder of Redpoint Accounting Solutions. Natalie enjoys helping clients grow their businesses by providing peace of mind that their finances are being handled proficiently. This, in turn, allows her clients to do what they do best: manage their business. Natalie is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of California.

When not in the office, Natalie enjoys spending time outdoors with family mountaineering, skiing, and rock climbing.

Excerpt from Natalie Regg’s The Powerful She Chapter: “Love for the Outdoors”

I did it. As the realization of what I had just accomplished hit me, I couldn’t keep the silly grin off my face. I kept reliving the past 21 days and the path that had taken me here. The Nepalese I passed along the way seemed to give me a knowing smile when I walked by with a “namaste” and palms together. They knew the route I had just come across.

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal is one of the best treks in the world, consisting of 145 miles through beautiful scenery and local villages and going through a pass at 17,769 feet. The definition of a trek is a long, arduous journey, especially one made on foot. In hindsight, that definition was spot on.

My trek started with three flights going from Los Angeles to China to India and finally to Nepal. I had hopped on those flights with nothing more than my backpack of gear and two sisters who were family friends.

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